The digital shift in the cultural heritage sector is an exciting, but for many challenging, adventure: DigiTraining will provide training and support to organisations that aspire to innovate and integrate new technologies in their structure and activities. If selected, you will also benefit from personalised and tailor-made support and digital production services directly adapted to your needs and mission to facilitate accessibility to culture.


DigiTraining is a capacity building programme that will provide a large number of cultural heritage institutions with new digital skills and the management tools to deal and benefit from them. The Programme is structured in 3 levels: your organisation can apply only for the General programme, or decide to go further through the Specific, and then Qualified programme.
The General Programme will provide 60 organisations with a combined training on digital and audiovisual technology, as well as on digital-related management. It will be specifically conceived for cultural heritage institutions, to improve the experience of their audience, to better confront management challenges including data management, and to increase the monetisation options for their organisations.
The Specific Programme provides a further step: up to 6 organisations will be mentored through a specific training programme resulting in a strongly increased capacity in digital skills as well as in strategy and management tools to deal with them.
Finally, through the Qualified Programme a maximum of 3 selected organisations will benefit at no cost from the production of a virtual or augmented reality audiovisual project specifically adapted to their mission and narrative, together with the strategic and managerial advice to best integrate it in their activities.



Is your organisation eligible to benefit from the DigiTraining Programme? The call is addressed to small or midsize museums, as well as other tangible or intangible heritage organisations with open facilities accessible to the public. Applicant organisations may have any specific mission or be dedicated to any content, as long as it can be considered as a “cultural content”, according to the article 4 of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. Applicant organisations may be public or private, they must be based in one of the countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme, and must have been open and operational for at least five years at the time of the application.


DigiTraining activities will combine the technological dimension with the strategic and managerial aspects of digital innovation through a series of activities provided by highly experienced organizations.
The General Programme will combine a series of online activities intended to permit the beneficiaries to better relate their content to digital and audiovisual communication, confront technical problem-solving, and address the management, monetisation and audience challenges linked to a better understanding and usage of digital capabilities and digital tools in their organisations They will include online training through the project’s eLearning platform, live sessions, videos and practical tools for producing digital content. Activities will combine online training in the form of synchronous sessions (lectures, workshops) and a number of hours as self-study and practical activities.
The Specific Programme will provide the selected beneficiaries with a tailor-made analysis of their needs and capabilities regarding the digital innovation at the service of their mission. Activities will include a focus on the creation of AV content with more advanced lectures and additional hands-on consultation and tutoring per organisation. By the end of the Programme, on-site meetings with the participant organisations may take place.
Finally, the Qualified Programme will offer selected organisations the benefit of a tailor-made virtual or augmented reality audiovisual production. Activities will be held online and on-site depending on needs and circumstances. An estimation of time to be allocated by attendants will range between a total of 55 to 70 hours, including defining the historic and creative script; ongoing feedback and reviews; integration, installation and training; set up of the installation and preparation for its maintenance by the beneficiary on an ongoing basis.



The Call is now open! You have time to apply until May 31st, 23.00 (CET).
For selected beneficiaries, the activities of the General Programme will take place on a weekly basis, starting earliest June 2021 and ending by the end of the summer of 2021. Activities will have a duration of 10 weeks, requiring an estimated dedication 6 hours per week. The Specific Programme will take place in accordance with the beneficiary organisation in dates to be agreed between September 2021 and December 2022. They will consist of 80 hours distributed along 15 weeks training, focused on the participants needs (online platform, synchronous workshops) and individual meetings with participants to support the digital innovation process in each organisation. Each attendant will be expected to dedicate 6 hours weekly. For what concerns the Qualified Programme, its duration from kick-off to final deployment is expected to last from 4 to 6 months, starting in November 2021.


Is my organisation based in an eligible country?

Your organisation must be based in one of the countries participating in the Creative Europe programme. Countries participating in the Creative Europe programme include those part of the Creative Europe Cross-sectoral strand, namely the 27 EU Member states and the following non-EU countries: United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Tunisia, Armenia, Kosovo. The reference list is available here.

In which language should applications be submitted?

Applications must be submitted in English. Applications submitted in any other language will not be evaluated.  

Can I check the application questions before filling in the online form?

You might preview the application questions here. Please note that this document is for reference only and must not be submitted. 

Can I submit my application by email?

No, all applications must be submitted through the online form.

Need to contact us?

For any doubt, question or support for application you can drop us an email at comms(at) We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!