Xenophon Zabulis: Principal Researcher from Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology. Expertise in stereo and multiple-view computer vision, human motion estimation, medical image processing, human vision, and applications of computer vision in interactive environments.

Nikolaos Partarakis: member of the Human Computer Interaction Laboratory of ICS-FORTH, is actively engaged in the Ambient Intelligence Programme of ICS-FORTH. His research interests include adaptive and intelligent distributed user interfaces, multimodal interaction in AmI environments, Augmented Reality, interactive surfaces, design for all and assistive technologies.

Ana Ribeiro: senior project manager and consultant in the area of Capacity Building and Cooperation (CBC) at INOVA+ International. Ana has a degree in European Studies and a specialisation in Heritage, Art and Cultural Tourism. She is a certified trainer with experience in innovation and business development fields.

Maria Macedo: project manager in area of Capacity Building and Cooperation (CBC) at INOVA+ International. Maria is a certified trainer with an academic background in international relations and business and has extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying training programmes for a diverse range of audiences.

Catarina Abrunhosa: project manager in area of Capacity Building and Cooperation (CBC) at INOVA+ International. Catarina holds a Masters’ in Psychology from the University of Minho, and a post-graduate specialization in Neuropsychology and Neuropsychological. Catarina is a certified trainer with expertise in capacity development and training of front-line professionals on a variety of subjects.

Dr Sotiris Manitsaris: Senior Researcher and Science-Technology Project end Team Leader at the Centre for Robotics of MINES ParisTech, Université PSL. His research focuses on motion capturing, machine learning, motion pattern recognition and movement-based interaction with machines, connected objects and sensorimotor human learning. He also leads the Post-Master’s Degree AIMove – “Artificial Intelligence and Movement in Industries and Creation”.

Dr Alina Glushkova: Researcher at Mines ParisTech. As part of her thesis she studied the use of gesture recognition technologies for know-how management, and more specifically the use of sensorimotor feedback as a game mechanism. She thus worked on technology enhanced learning, on the use of motion capture technologies for know-how preservation and transmission, the design of intelligent workspace for better movement ergonomics.

Gavriela Senteri: Researcher Engineer at MINES ParisTech. Gavriela has expertise on gesture recognition and feedback sonification in the creation of interactive installations for educational and entertainment purposes.

Brenda Olivas: Brenda is a doctoral student at the Centre for Robotics, MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University. Brenda has expertise on wearable sensing and movement modelling for the monitoring and ergonomic analysis of operators in manufacturing industries.

Raphaël Menegaldo: is project manager in training and corporate relationships and an expert in digital learning solutions. He has coordinated large-scale learning projects as well as personalised training plans, primarily for highly technical knowledge transmission.

Matias Seidler: Initiator, Museums & immersive experience specialist, MA (Cand. Phil.). Philosophy and Science Studies. He explores the potential of immersive experiences and initiates projects and collaborations that strengthen our connection to our heritage, the planet we share, and to ourselves with partners across the cultural and creative sector. He is passionate about how AR, VR and cutting-edge immersive modalities can engage people, creating meaningful experiences and play a relevant role as enablers of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He is also an experienced speaker, researcher, facilitator, business developer and Culture/XR expert with a Master’s in Philosophy of Science and Technology & Interdisciplinary Studies in Health Promotion with Future Studies as my concentration area.